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Why Paper Shoot?

Why Paper Shoot? - Paper Shoot Camera

Why choose a Paper Shoot Camera over a phone, a DSLR camera, a disposable camera or film camera? We get asked these questions on a daily basis and we love answering! For us, it's easy! We're not only motivated by the eco-friendly aspect of Paper Shoot Cameras, we also love the photography and how easy it is to use. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose a Paper Shoot Camera to take photos over a smartphone, a fancy camera, or film!


1. It's Reusable

When people meet us at festivals and trade shows, they always assume our cameras take about 100 photos or so before being thrown away and boy do we love telling them it's unlimited! The camera uses an SD card that holds all your photos inside. On our website we sell the 32 GB card which takes about 3,000-4,000 photos. The camera will then tell you when it's time to empty the card onto your computer before reusing it. Paper Shoot's also run on rechargeable batteries, which means you never throw anything out! There's an indicator on the camera that will let you know when it's time to charge the camera. You'll get a USB-c cord with your order, so no need to take the batteries out. Just plug the cord into the camera and charge it until the green light goes away. We hated the idea of throwing away our cameras after just a couple photos, so we found a way to create the first eco-friendly digital camera on the market, and I gotta say, we've done a pretty good job :)

2. It Saves You Battery and Storage Space

One of the reasons people love our cameras is because it gives them the chance to put their phones away while still being able to take a photo and live in the moment at the same time! If you're worried about phone storage or your battery life but you still need to capture that memory or that landscape, take your Paper Shoot Camera out, click the shutter button a few times and put your camera away. It's nice not to be able to see photos so you don't waste your time looking through to make sure you got the perfect shot. You can use the Paper Shoot to take all your photos while using your phone for other activities or uses!


3. You Get Beautiful Film-Looking Photos!

No need for a film camera that limits how many photos you take. The Paper Shoot Camera was designed to give you film-style photos with our 4 built-in photo filters without a limit to how many photos you can take! The best part is you can get these photos without having to mess with a ton of settings to try and get the perfect shot. You have 4 filters and 1 shutter button, making it the easiest beginner-friendly camera on the market!