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Spot the Differences: 16 MP versus 18 MP

Spot the Differences: 16 MP versus 18 MP

You wouldn't think that 2 megapixels can make a big difference when it comes to the quality of Paper Shoot Cameras but we made it happen! We love challenging our current products and we're constantly trying to innovate our brand and bring new features and exciting changes to the Paper Shoot Camera. 

We started with just 13 measly megapixels and we've come a long way since then. We featured our 16 mp cameras not longer after, and in 2023 we decided to roll out our 18 mp cameras, a game-changer in our eyes! Not only did the camera go from 16 to 18 megapixels, we added lots of other features to our latest model cameras and here are the main differences because to be fair to our customers, you can't spot them just looking at the camera. Both camera models look the same, but until you start using it, you won't see the differences, so here are the biggest differences to take not of. 


16 MP cameras: 

16 megapixel photo resolution

1080p recording

Up to 32 GB Sd card support 

USB type A charging port/cable


18 MP cameras:

18 mega-pixel photo resolution

1440p video recording

Up to 128 GB SD card support

USB type C charge

Sync time/date to PC & Mac

Photo bursts

Improved nighttime shooting quality

Improved filters - and ability to use filter cards 


As you can see, not only did we improve our photo quality but we made the 18 mp camera compatible with other features and exciting accessories that'll only add to your experience with Paper Shoots! Shop all cameras, cases, and accessories right here in our online shop!