April 2023 was a busy month for Paper Shoot Camera as we got invited to join American Express at the American Express Experience at Coachella for both weekends! This opportunity was a way to partner with AMEX and offer our cameras for their picture-taking experience where cardholders get a free tote printed with a picture of their choice from the few they took at the booth.


We loved getting to work with AMEX, meeting so many amazing people, and selling lots of cameras to people ready to capture the beauty of Coachella with a film aesthetic.

We had Gillian, our fearless leader, Aly, who’s part of the marketing team, Anthony who knows how to finesse his way through the grounds of a festival any day, and Antonio who works in marketing and shipping working long hours before and after the musical events to make sure you guys got your cameras. Once we all landed in Palm Springs, we started putting together our cameras and making sure that our customers had everything they needed to take their Paper Shoot out and capture some insane content, including the ring light for nighttime shooting.

Once we got on the grounds, we assisted Amex with their rental program, sold our cameras, and created beautiful content on the grounds of Coachella. We had an incredible time, and we can’t thank American Express enough for this opportunity that 2 years ago we never thought we’d have!

Here are just a few of our favorite photos of everything from our booth and our team to the art installations, singers, and a few extra friends we met!




28 abril 2023 — Alyona Real