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How to Troubleshoot Any Potential Issues

How to Troubleshoot Any Potential Issues - Paper Shoot Camera

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your camera including constant noise, continuous picture-taking, and not being able to see your photos, it’s easy to think that your camera came to you already faulty. In reality, less than 1% of our cameras are actually faulty when they ship out, which is why we’ve created a ton of troubleshooting advice so that you can get to the bottom of what’s really happening.


The good news is, a lot of these “issues” arise because of very simple things that don’t take much effort to fix, so before you request a new camera or reach out for help, here are just a few tips and tricks to try first to get your camera working right! The Paper Shoot Camera has multiple ways of telling you that something is wrong, it’ll usually come from the flashing LED lights on the back, as well as continuous noise and picture-taking sounds. Let’s dissect this a bit further.


Left LED Light Error: This is usually indicating an error with the SD card you’re using. First things first, make sure you’re using the right SD card. For our 16 MP cameras, use no bigger than a 32 GB card. For our 18MP, anything 128 GB and under works just fine. Then, check to see if the SD card is actually in the camera. I know this is basic information but even we’ve had moments where we forgot to put the SD card inside the camera before going out and taking pictures. Next, double check that the microchip that comes with the card is inside the card adapter itself before putting it into the camera. Make sure you’ve put the card in correctly where it clicks once properly inside.

If you’re STILL having issues, you might have a full SD card. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken out your SD card to empty pictures on your computer, take the time to do it now before you’re out and about with your camera and the SD card becomes too full to use. If you are still having issues, try using an SD card reader instead of the data cord that comes with your camera just in case the data cord is really the issue here.


Right LED Light Error: When the right light is going off, it usually indicates an issue with the batteries. We highly recommend rechargeable batteries, as the camera tends to work much better with rechargeable batteries instead of regular disposable batteries. You also need to make sure the batteries are put in correctly as well as fully charged. You can either take them out and put them in a battery charger or just use the small cord that came with your order to plug the camera right into the wall. If you want to test out the camera without batteries, plug your camera into a power source, go to the first filter and press the shutter button on the front to take a picture. If that works, then it’s a battery issue.


Can’t See Photos: If this is an issue you’re coming across, we recommend you reformat your SD card. You can do this by locking your SD card and then formatting in on your computer to either FAT-32 or MS-DOS. Check out this screenshot for more information.

If all else fails and you’ve tried all of the tips and tricks above, please send a video of you trying these steps to along with your order number and any other media you want and we can help you with the next step, whether that’s trying something new or sending you a replacement camera.