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How-To Series: How to Care for Your Camera

How-To Series: How to Care for Your Camera - Paper Shoot Camera

Here’s a scenario, you finally got your camera! You’ve unpacked it and even started using it. You love how the pictures came out and you’re wanting to take your camera everywhere with you now but wait, you don’t know how to care for your camera or how to prolong its life. While our cameras are extremely durable and can withstand a lot, damage can still occur for a number of reasons, so we have a few tips on how to best care for your camera and its accessories so that it’s last as long as you want it to.


  1. We recommend using the strap that comes with your camera order. In every order we send out, we pack either a paper or linen strap that you can pull through one of the 2 holes on the top where the gold screws go. It’s an easy way to have the camera on you at all times while you have peace of mind that your camera won’t go flying out of your hands.

  1. We don’t have one just yet on our website, but we recommend finding a small baggie to keep your camera in. I myself found a small bag from a different purchase and use that to carry my camera around. Putting it directly in your bag can cause it to hit other things you’re carrying around and it can sometimes damage the camera. If you don’t have a baggie, find a small zippered pocket in your purse or bag and keep it away from everything else inside.
  1. The lenses we offer are small and can sometimes get lost and damaged a little easier than other accessories. We recommend keeping the magnetic strap on the back side of the lens and the cover on the front of the lens on. Unless you’re using it immediately, we recommend taking advantage of the covers to keep your lenses looking and functioning like new. We also recommend keeping them in the small boxes they came in, that way they don’t get lost.

  1. Check your batteries and charge the camera every couple of weeks to ensure you have a full charge and won’t run out of juice when you need your camera the most.
  1. While our cameras are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. We don’t recommend dunking it in water and trying to take pictures because that’ll damage your camera faster than anything. The camera is, however, able to withstand rain and snow so you can take it outside on those not-so-sunny days and still capture beautiful pictures.