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Get Your Paper Shoot For Your Summer Memories <3

Create Your Very Own Custom Camera!

Create Your Very Own Custom Camera! - Paper Shoot Camera

We've listened to the countless requests from our amazing fans wanting to create their very own custom camera designs and we decided it was time to open that opportunity up for anyone wanting their own unique Paper Shoot Camera! 


Starting on October 1st and going until the 15th, we're giving everyone the chance to create their very own camera case! We have tons of instructions and templates so no one will be confused on the process. Designers can either purchase their custom case alone or if they don't have one yet, they can purchase a camera as well, in which case, we will include a free case ready to ship with their order so while the custom case is being printed and shipped, the camera can still be used! 

They can stop there, OR, enter their design into the contest! 5 winners will be announced shortly after the contest ends and they'll all receive $1,000 prize, their design sold on the website with profit sharing, a social media artist feature, and the chance to be a part of our 2024 Featured Artist Collection!

We have also launched a Limited Edition Case Collection full of gorgeous cases to purchase or get your ideas from! The collection includes different themes and elements all full of beautiful colors and designs! Have a look below at the Limited Edition Cases and make sure you get yours before the contest ends! 

Cocoa & Cashmere

Evergreen Elegance

Watercolour Whimsy

Iconic Imprints

Pixel Passport

Tutti Frutti

How it works: 

1. In our bio and located at the end of this article, is a link with instructions and design templates. Read everything very carefully because there's a chance your design could cut off after it's printed and we know no one wants that!

2. Create your design and submit it to us. Each design will be reviewed and the winners will be announced 10 days after the contest ends. 

Some rules: 

-You must be located in the U.S, United Kingdom, Italy, and South America

-You must be 18+ years of age

-No purchase necessary

-The Paper Shoot Camera team will be deciding the winner

This is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing and make something personal and unique to you! We are so excited to see what everyone creates and we can't wait to find our 5 winners! The link to information is below.