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The Top 3 Questions We Get Asked About Our Eco-Friendly Cameras

The Top 3 Questions We Get Asked About Our Eco-Friendly Cameras - Paper Shoot Camera

We were recently at SXSW in Austin Texas where we took part in the creatives exhibit and showcased the Paper Shoot Camera at the trade show for 4 days! In that time, we got asked every question you could think of and it made us realize that the majority of you have the same 3 questions regarding the camera. Of course, there are more questions that come out as you learn about the camera, but we wanted to write a quick blog for you where we answer the top three questions we get every day on social media and in person.


What exactly is a Paper Shoot Camera?

The Paper Shoot Camera is a slim and eco-friendly digital camera that gives you film-style disposable-looking photos. We say they are alternatives to film and disposable cameras because we use recycled, biodegradable, and eco-friendly materials to create the cases, camera boards, and accessories. They are fully digital and run on rechargeable batteries. There’s an SD card inside that stores all your photos so you can either take that out if you want to see what you’ve captured, or you can use the USB-c cord that comes with your order to connect to your computer and view photos that way. You get 4 photo filters and all you have to do is press the shutter button on the front. It’s automatic and does not require you to mess with a ton of camera settings.


 Why would I choose this over my iPhone?

 We get asked this a lot and we want to preface the question by saying we’re not in competition with the iPhone, we love our phones, and we know they provide much more than our cameras can. What they don’t do, however, is give us quality time away from our screens. Many of you have shown interest in staying off your mobile devices and living more in the moment, and that’s what the Paper Shoot Camera provides you, a chance to put your phone away while you’re traveling or out and about with friends while still being able to capture a moment in time.

 We love experiencing life in different ways and just like you pull out old records and listen to your record player or you go to the movies instead of streaming from your phone, the Paper Shoot Camera gives you an alternative way to take photos without the need to constantly pull your phone out.


Isn’t it more cost efficient to buy disposables instead of a Paper Shoot?

 From the get-go, it definitely seems like a disposable camera is cheaper but once you count the cost of each camera, how much it costs to develop your photos, and how many photos you’re actually getting that are good quality, you’ll realize how much more cost efficient a Paper Shoot Camera is.


1 disposable camera costs around $20, then you have to pay to develop your photos which cost another $15. On top of that, you’re only getting 30 photos and a lot of them don’t turn out the way you want them to. The Paper Shoot Camera is a one-time purchase starting at $120 and going up from there. So, with the math, 1 Paper Shoot Camera equals about 4 disposable cameras that only give you around 120 photos, with many of them not coming out to your liking. The Paper Shoot gives you unlimited photos and videos without having to pay extra to see the content you took and you still get high-quality film-style disposable-looking pictures.



There are many more questions we get asked but we’ve realized that these 3 usually answer most of them for people who are curious about our little cameras. If you have more questions please go to our blog page, FAQ page, or email us at