At Paper Shoot Camera, we're always looking for a way to connect with new fans and customers, which is why we decided to start a new community on Discord! This private community is being offered to people who have already purchased from Paper Shoot and it's the perfect way for customers and fans of the camera to interact on so many different levels. 


You can trade tips and tricks, share your favorite photos, participate in challenges, troubleshoot potential issues, and get access to exclusive discounts, deals, and sales! We'll announce new projects, case designs, collections, and so much more while allowing you the chance to be a part of our company in a completely different way. We love showing 'Behind the Scenes' content and what goes into creating the cameras and working for such an incredible company. We even want you to be a part of our collaborations where we'll ask for advice on what you think our new launches should include and what kinds of designs you want to see on our cameras. 


We want to connect with you all so much more than we do. So if you feel like this is a group made just for you and you're excited to engage in conversations, participate in contests to win gift cards, and maybe even meet a Paper Shoot fan or two, sign up at the link below and introduce yourself.  We can't wait to meet you!

19 mayo 2023 — Alyona Real